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Working From Home:

Work at Home? How to Handle Your Neighbors

10 tips for reminding neighbors that you’re a working stiff too.

How do you reclaim your work hours without seeming unfriendly? The key is making your neighbors realize that, although you can say yes sometimes, most of the time you have to say no—not because you don’t want to help, but because, just like them, you work.


8 Public Speaking Tips for People Who Work From Home

How to become a great public speaker when you spend all day in silence.

Whether you’ve been asked to address a trade group about your work, start up a continuing education class or give the best man speech at your brother’s wedding, you can brush up on your public speaking skills at home, by yourself, when nobody’s looking.


8 Ways to Boost Your Energy When Working from Home

Need an energy boost? There’s one in virtually every room of your house.

Where can you find an energy boost in your home when that dull feeling comes over you, but the work day isn’t over? What follows is a room-by-room glance.


How Telecommuters Can Stay Connected to the Office

Can telecommuters stay in the office loop without annoying everyone?

Let’s face it. The office is where many people form friendships, schedule after-hours and weekend get-togethers and engage in casual conversations from which inside jokes spring. Work has more of an impact on personal lives than many people think. Most telecommuters realize that almost immediately.


8 Interesting Facts about People who Working from Home

Men and women are just as likely to be work-from-home professionals, and 7 other fascinating facts. 1) About one-third of people who usually worked at home in May 2004 were self-employed. Of the 7 million self-employed people who worked at home, two-thirds had a home-based business--that is, a business run from their home and no other location. 2) Nearly half of self-employed persons …


Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Working From Home

We’re here to remind you, David Letterman-style, why you’ve made the switch from corporate cube to home turf.

Freedom reigns. Okay, there are deadlines and client calls, but you’ll never get a lecture about pecking out a project in boxers, showing up at 9:05 or coming back from a “sick” day shockingly tan. For once, it’s all about you doing a great job your way.


Tips for Minimizing Distraction and Increasing Productivity When Working from Home

The trick to minimizing distractions is to eliminate the noises you can control, and mask the rest with something you would prefer to listen to.

While loud machinery, such as jackhammers, may lead to more serious health problems resulting in noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) or tinnitus (a ringing of the ears), more often work environment noises serve as distractions, which significantly can lower productivity levels.


Tips on Working from Home When You Have Pets

Dog eat your homework? Here's how to keep the fur from flying when your coworkers are animals.

Working at home presents all kinds of challenges: Do you call or email your boss/client? Do you get up and shower or work all day in your pajamas? Do you feel guilty when you go to Target at 10:00 a.m. and not in search of office supplies? But, for me, the greatest challenge is working around animals.


25 Ways You Can Work Green when Working from Home

The little things work-at-homers can do to make a big difference in our planet’s future and in our own.

As greenhouse gases in the atmosphere increase, more of the sun’s energy is trapped, and in as little as 50 years, this could cause water shortages, famine, species extinctions and rising sea levels. But the good news is that it isn’t too late. One person can still make a difference, and there are some simple things that we work-at-homers can do to help stem the current environmental and climate crisis.


Telecommuters: How to Connect with Your Company for Career Advancement

10 pointers on how telecommuters can stay on executives' radar and rise through the ranks of their companies.

It seems as if every day we read about more and more companies that are realizing the value of utilizing an at-home work force. But with so many telecommuters working their way onto the business landscape – sometimes thousands of them working for a single company, spread across the country or the world – at-home employees often worry if their contributions are going unnoticed.


Cooking at Home:

Baby Lamb Chops with Creamy Polenta and Mediterranean Vegetables

Try this dish with a bold red Cabernet Sauvignon.

Lamb is the perfect entree to liven up our boring rotation of chicken, beef, pork, and fish, and polenta is comfort food at its best. Try this dish with a bold red Cabernet Sauvignon.


Easy Fourth of July Snacks to Make Any Day

Celebrate you independence as a telecommuter any day with these fun and festive Fourth of July snack recipes.

One of the best parts of the Fourth of July holiday is the food, and we love easy snacks that you can make anytime. Put those two things together, and you get four great, easy recipes that you can make this Independence Day and any day when you're working from home.


Turkey Burger with Cole Slaw & Sweet Potato Fries

This hearty sandwich plate will satisfy the whole family and help you spring into summertime.

As the weather warms up and Memorial Day approaches, this recipe will get you in the mood for summertime.


9 Tips to Eat Healthy When You Work From Home

Helpful strategies to keep nibbling to a minimum when you work only steps from a well-stocked home kitchen.

The temptation to indulge can get stronger as our houses are also our offices. Here are a few tips that should help you keep things under control, stay healthy and look your best.


Beef Stew with Saffron Rice

A one-pot meal with big flavor.

Stew recipes can look intimidating with the long list of ingredients, but once they are all added to the pot, it can simply simmer until it’s ready.


Uncle Bob’s Mother’s Rice Pudding Recipe

Prepare yourself: You’re about to embark on the finest, creamiest, best tasting rice pudding you have ever eaten!

As long as you have the patience to let this cool overnight, you are in for a deliciously creamy, custardy treat!


Pan-Seared Salmon with Fresh Tropical Salsa

This dish is easy, but it'll have your diners wondering how you managed to pull off off such a complex culinary feat!

Although this recipe presents itself as a complex dish (the finished product is quite attractive and has a variety of flavors working together), it is rather quick and easy


Fried Chicken with Mac & Cheese Recipe

After a long day of home-based work, these dishes are the ultimate comfort food.

Holding out for that Indian Summer? This fried chicken dish adds a touch of sophistication to the normal picnic fare and is perfect for those last gatherings in the backyard.


Maple Glazed Ham with Root Vegetable Puree & Brussel Sprouts Recipe

Try this dish with Chilean Merlot or a German Riesling, either of which should hold up nicely to the spices.

This is one of those holiday meals that actually takes very little work, but will make your family and friends “ooh” and “aah” nonetheless. And once the ham is in the oven, you practically only have to boil water.


Zucchini Soup & Beer Bread Recipes

A recipe for a great lip puckering, nourishing, beautiful and tasty body warming soup for comfort!

Winter’s lips puckered into a steady, ready blast in many parts of the country this year, and the chilling cold has been devastating. We have the warm-up answer for you.


Delicious Strawberry Pie Recipe for a Work Break

Working at home means cooking at home - and we can't get enough strawberry pie.


Health and Wellness:

Home Remedies for People who Work From Home

Need an energy boost? There’s one in virtually every room of your house.

Where can you find an energy boost in your home when that dull feeling comes over you, but the work day isn’t over? What follows is a room-by-room glance.


How Working From Home Improved My Health

Work-at-home professionals have an edge over their office-going counterparts in the keeping healthy department.

One professional's story of how working from home after a decade of office jobs was the healthiest decision possible.


Get Stress Relief Through Self-Massage

Most people don’t have a massage therapist on call, so here are a few self-massage techniques you can use during quick breaks.

Tips on relieving yourself of tension headaches, aching shoulders, leg soreness, and tired hands so you can be a stress-free, productive professional!


5 Must-Haves for Exercising at Home

Don’t have time for a full-fledged workout? These are 5 must-haves for sneaking in some exercise.

Working at home doesn't mean you can't squeeze in a few crunches or laps at some point during the day. Incorporating a couple of the suggestions below can help get you started.


Food Portions: How Much Should You REALLY Be Eating?

There are a variety of bodily and household hints to help you slim down your helpings without using measuring instruments or long division. Here are 15 of them.

There are a variety of bodily and household hints to help you slim down your helpings without using measuring instruments or long division. Here are 15 of them.


How Owning a Horse Gave One Freelance Writer More Balance

Even the most dedicated workhorse needs to be able to kick up her heels and run with the wind every once in a while.

Pre-horse, there were times when I didn’t get out of the house for days at a time. Walking outside to pick up the newspaper began to seem unspeakably exciting, and chatting with a neighbor for five minutes was a social event. When my cabin fever got too strong, I would beg my husband to go somewhere, anywhere, with me, just to get out of the house.


Want to Reduce Your Stress? Try Knitting

Spend all day focusing on a computer? Chill out and ease your mind through knitting.

Knitting can help you flick that switch to "off," plus more and more information shows the benefits of knitting in reducing stress, depression and providing emotional support during times of crisis, as well as physical benefits due to age.


How to Meet People When You Work From Home Alone

Tips for telecommuters on meeting people, starting relationships, and finding love when you work by yourself all day.

How do home workers find love? According to the experts and overcomers we’ve polled, good cheer, a lot of soul searching and commensurate commitment is required of those who want to get out of the singles racket.


5 Tips to Better Your Concentration

How to put the moment's most important tasks into focus.

One of the most difficult aspects of working from home is the ability to focus. There are constant non-work-related interruptions – children, neighbors, parents -- and non-work-related duties – laundry, dishes, doctors’ appointments. The key is to concentrate in spite of them.



Home-Based Business:

Why and How To Work Alternative Hours

Working 9 to 5, 5 to 9, and everything in between.

It is an ongoing challenge to balance your business’ tasks with personal and family activities, but it can be done, without exhausting yourself and feeling guilty that you are neglecting your family.


Online Teaching Jobs: How to Get Started

Turn your expertise into a profitable part-time or even-full time income by teaching online.

Online education is booming. Here's a guide to getting started as an online teacher.


Success Story: Ron Dinehart, Founder of the universe knows

Some dream about throwing away their well-paying, but unsatisfying careers in order to do something meaningful, and some actually do it.

In 2005, Dinehart, a divorced father of two, left a lucrative job as an engineer at Symbol Technologies in Holtsville, N.Y., to devote his energies full-time to a line of clothing that he had developed initially as a work-at-home business and had been selling on the side at local street fairs and gift shows.


How to Use Online Forums for Your Business

Online forums attract business people, just like you, looking for answers or connections in your chosen field.

Once you’ve found the forum of your business dreams, keep the following dos and don’ts in mind.


Ideas for At-Home Direct Sales Jobs: Party It Up

In-home sales parties mix business with pleasure.

There are plenty of consulting opportunities out there for those looking to “party” their way to the top. Here are a few ideas, and a quiz to see if at-home selling is right for you.


Success Story: Brian Kirk, Founder of

How one man turned an Oscar night idea into a cool career.

Receiving a million hits every week or about 100,000 unique users per month, quite a feat for any website, FilmWise caught the attention of the media and became a pop-culture phenomenon for its fun weekly contests, such as Kirk’s famous “Invisibles” quizzes, where viewers get to guess the people inside the costumes of their favorite movies scenes.


How to Cut Marketing Costs for Your Business

Operating on a shoestring - cutting costs and marketing your business successful during economic uncertainty.

Businesses are cutting costs across the board but marketing efforts shouldn’t suffer. Now is a great time to do more marketing.


Success Story: Home Remedies of NY Pairs Contractors and Homeowners

If you are a homeowner and your house is invaded by insects, or you need a reliable remodeling contractor, you may wonder, “Who am I gonna call?”

Debra's Cohen’s Homeowner Referral Network (HRN) is an organized network of pre-screened contractors representing almost every field of home improvement, maintenance and design.


Success Story: Newly-Wed Starts Bridal Accessory Business

How a bride turned a love of handmade jewelry into a trailblazing bridal business.

A lover of the arts and of jewelry design, Smotherman eagerly set out to buy bridal jewelry, but soon realized that there were few accessories available that offered the type of classic, couture style she wanted – pieces that were not only wearable, but affordable. So, instead, she decided to design her own jewelry for her big day.


How to Insure Your Home-Based Business

Make sure your business isn't one of the 60% of home-based businesses that are under-insured.

Knowing that your homeowner’s policy won’t cover your home business adequately, here’s a look at the other options available


Success Story: Husband and Wife Home-Based Business

A California couple turns $15 and a trip to Home Depot into a multimillion-dollar dance pole business.

The inspiration for Lil' Mynx originated in January of 2002, when Randy Blacker was living in Silicon Valley and yearning to start a business of his own.


10 Ways to Revitalize Your Business in 2012

2012 can be a very good year for your home-based business, if you start out with the right steps.

With the volatile economy home businesses currently are facing – where smaller budgets have to bring in even more money – the usual business tactics just aren’t going to pump up your bottom line to the levels you want. So here are WHY’s 10 ways to revitalize your business in the new year.


7 Cheap and Effective Marketing Techniques for Website Traffic

How do you get prospective customers to find your website among the millions of others without spending a fortune?

Providing your website visitors with frequent, updated content; easy ordering; delivery of quality items; and optimum customer service will encourage their faithful patronage and word-of-mouth referrals – one of the cheapest and best ways for your business’ ongoing web promotion and success.


18 Tax Deductions for Small Businesses

Have you taken advantage of all your small business deductions? Here are 18 to consider.

Many business owners who work from home overlook tax deductions because they fear the dreaded audit but simply taking earned deductions isn’t going to raise red flags with the Internal Revenue Service. Here are 18 tax deductions to consider for your small business.


5 Tips on Soliciting Business Without Looking Desperate

When you urgently need a sale as an entrepreneur, your desperation can show through. Here's how to look calm, cool, and hire-able.

Times are tough, no doubt. Still, many of your tweeps on Twitter are bemoaning how busy they are, and all you can think about is how short your client list looks these days. Are they doing something you’re not?


Success Story: Resources for Moms

Mom-owned-and-run website expands into 20 markets throughout the U.S. is a Salt Lake City-based online media and publishing company providing local and national resources to moms that was founded in 2004 by young mamas Rachael Herrscher and Stephanie Peterson.


10 Things to Know About Snagging Potential Customers

The characteristics you can and should know about potential customers to win their business.

What about those elusive customers – those who browse, who ask questions and request materials, but, up until this point, haven’t bought or cinched a deal? How are you fighting for them? Do you know anything about them? There are some general characteristics you can and should know about potential customers. Here are 10 of them.


Success Story: Professional Book Reviewer

How an avid reader turned her passion into a successful work-from-home business.

Terri Schlichenmeyer is one of those admirable home entrepreneurs who found a way to make a successful career out of a passion.


Home Entrepreneurs:

Success Story: Daddy Dolls, Inc. and Hug-A-Hero Dolls

A great business idea lets children embrace loved ones while apart.

The company’s original focus, and still its primary business, is in making these dolls for military children with a deployed parent, but the company makes dolls for anyone missing someone.


How Entrepreneurs Can Manage Their Work Hours

When you left your 9 to 5 job to start your home business, did you really believe you could keep the same work hours?

Other home business owners will tell you they work all different hours, depending on when they need uninterrupted time and just to keep up with their routine business tasks. It is an ongoing challenge to balance your business’ tasks with personal and family activities, but it can be done.


Success Story: Brian Kurth of

VocationVacations lets people take a vacation to their dream job complete with learning, growth, and fun.

Taking a year off to work a dream job led this entrepreneur to revisit a business idea he had long, long ago.


Success Story: Dawn Halfaker, Iraq Veteran and CEO of a National Security Services Firm

Halfaker was featured in an HBO documentary for her experiences in Iraq, and now runs a successful security consulting firm.

Like many entrepreneurs, Halfaker worked from home to get her business up and running, making phone calls and organizing paperwork. “We’d have meetings at home and do anything we needed to get done,” she says, “just sitting around the dinner table.”


6 Professional Skills You Can Learn from New York City

Furrow your brows, set your chin and get into step with a group that’s always going somewhere.

If you need a shot of bravado, come and get it. If you’ve let inertia get the better of you, and that business of yours has gotten flabby and dimpled, let New York give you what it’s given so many—a good kick in the butt.


5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Deal with Difficult Clients

Sure, you’re a nice guy, but not everyone is. Here’s how to deal with it.

There is one main objective when doing business with Grumpy: Address his grievance to the best of your ability. Here's how.


Incorporating Your Business: Choosing the Business Entity for You

How do you know what type of business form you need?

You may want to consult with a lawyer to help you decide what’s best for you and your company, or you just may want to buy a copy of Small Business for Dummies, cross your fingers and hope for the best—that’s totally up to you. But just know that doing your research now can save you a lot of time, money and heartache later on, and it also makes you a more-informed business owner


How to Become an 'Expert' in Your Business Field

Billing yourself an expert is a great way to get people to notice you—and your company

Believe it or not, many of so-called experts aren’t necessarily better authorities on sales, writing, public relations or any given topic than you are; they are just savvier self-promoters and become the media’s go-to source when an expert is needed because of their ability to provide good information in an interesting way.


How to Create an Agreement When Co-Founding a Business

This may be the beginning of a beautiful business partnership, but, hey, you never know…

When starting a business venture with more than one person, such as a partnership, limited liability partnership or limited liability company, it’s imperative to create a partnership or operating agreement, which addresses all the “what if” quandaries that may arise down the line, as unsavory as it might seem to aspiring entrepreneurs.


9 Qualities of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

These personal attributes that help keep clients and customers coming back.

What steps are you taking to encourage your clients to call again? If you’re not already using the following techniques, consider making them an integral part of your business model.


Entrepreneurs: How to Get Out of a Work Slump

4 inspirational techniques to pull yourself out of a creative slump

Maybe you're so engrossed in your business details at the office that you just haven't had time to pay attention to your own details lately. Maybe you work from home and drag those same Marvin the Martian slippers to your desk every day. One thing’s for sure – you know you’re in a rut, and your usual motivations just aren’t… well, motivating you. Here are four inspirational techniques from a “business personality” perspective that may help you, the entrepreneur, find the right method to help get yourself back in gear.


4 Tips for Choosing a Business Domain Name

Your domain name will last a business lifetime. Here are four tips on choosing the right domain name for your business.

Choosing an effective business domain name is imperative for home business owners and is as important as the actual name of your company, since your domain becomes your shingle in the virtual marketplace. Here are four tips to keep in mind when deciding on a business domain name.


7 Tips for Marketing Your Business to Friends and Family

If you’re looking for new contacts to raise old profit levels, the following seven tips can help you keep friends and strategize contacts.

Blurring the line between your business and your social life can result in lost friends, as well as lost sales. If you want to market your business to friends and family, follow these tips.



Home Office:

Why Your Home Office Should Be a Mobile Office

Consider a used laptop as a work-only computer dedicated to your livelihood.

Alternatives to the family's shared computer can make you a truly productive home-based worker.


How to Organize Your Home Library

Tips for creating an organized, easy-to-access home library for your home office.

When your home also is your workspace, books become a necessity in a new way.  The key to bookshelf organization is to have everything easily accessible.


6 Great Sofas for Your Home Office

Behind—and beneath—every successful man and woman is a hardworking sofa

Here, a compilation of some sofas that will accommodate not only your derriere, but your notebooks, laptops, imaginations and musings. These sofas work for all the ways you like to work—sit slouch, lie on your side, squat…whatever.


Choosing Effective Lighting for Your Home Office

Tips on effectively lighting up your work-at-home life.

Nowadays, tasks are no longer confined to our desks and are performed throughout the home—at the kitchen counter while you’re waiting for your French toast sticks to pop up or in bed if you’ve got some last-minute reading to do. Here are some ways you can add task lighting to an otherwise non-task-related space.


8 Questions to Ask when Painting Your Home Office

Different folks may have different strokes, but there are a few basics everyone needs to know.

Although anyone can pry the lid from the can, there are some things you ought to know before you attempt to paint your home office.


Shedworking: Home Offices in Backyard Sheds Offer Focus, Space

There’s a shedworker in all of us, waiting to get out. What are the advantages of shedworking over “normal” homeworking?

Over the last decade we have seen the miniaturisation of the office workplace, and a small shed, which once only housed lawnmowers and pots, can now be insulated from the cold, fitted with its own electrics, and can link you to anywhere in the world.


25 Home Office Essentials

The Must-Haves, Should-Haves and Would-Be-Nice-to-Haves you need to work more efficiently

Whatever your home-office set-up, there are gadgets, accessories and architecture that help make your work lives easier. The following 25 essentials, listed in no particular order, come from WHY staffers, experts in the field and other friends of WHY and are just a few of the things out there that can help you conduct business more efficiently.


Tips for Organizing Home Office Paperwork

Paper, paper and more paper. When you work from home you can feel buried in paper! How do you keep on top of it?

If you’re not sure what outcome you are looking for, organizing paper can seem daunting. What “organized” actually looks like depends on your work style, personality and the space you have available for your home office. 


Tips for Buying a Great Home Office Chair

A good office chair is just as important to your business as keeping up with techno-innovations.

Here are some things to consider when choosing the best seat in your house: your home office chair.


10 Easy Ways to Green Your Home Office

Here are small changes you can make to your home office and the way you handle business that can have big impacts.

It often seems that environmentally friendly office options just aren’t available for home offices: many of the solutions that work in big corporations, such as adding solar panels to the roof of your parking structure, as Google has done, are out of reach financially or don’t scale to a smaller office. But there are affordable options that fit a home office perfectly – some can even save a small business money in the long run.


How to Choose Home Office Furniture

What to look for when designing your work-from-home office.

Home offices come in all shapes and sizes - they're as individual as those working in them. Home offices also have flexibility no cubicle can match. What kind of home office furniture is right for you?


Making Money:

When Should Freelancers Talk About Their Fees?

The benefits and pitfalls of stating your fees upfront

Marketing gurus have vastly different opinions on how to present your fees. These are the three most common approaches.


Using Radio to Promote Your Business

There are two ways to use radio to your business advantage—the free way and the not-so-free way.

Even with competitive technologies, such as iPads and DVRs encroaching on our leisure times, radio is still very viable as a tool to transmit a company’s marketing messages.


The Opinion Pages: Free Advertising for Your Business?

When it comes to marketing your business, don’t keep your opinions to yourself.

You don’t have to be a journalist to get published; you just have to say something relevant and interesting to the paper’s editors and other readers.


4 Marketing Tips for Visual Artists

If you are a visual artist, becoming a virtual marketer will help get you noticed and your artwork sold.

Your friends like what you do, your family loves your creations, and some acquaintances have even bought a couple of your artifacts. So how do you turn your passion into a profitable business? Here are some tips on getting started.



Productivity Tips for Working from Home this Summer

Maintaining momentum during the summer months is tough - here's how to do it.

Though summer may seem like a prime time for building a tan (especially if the phone isn’t ringing at home), here are some of the ways that you can use this time to build your business.


Where to Find FREE Business Tools, Resources, and Supplies

Taking advantage of stuff that's 'on the house' is both an economical and a smart way to run your home business.

There are freebies available for every part of business. No matter what your business does, or where you operate it, you can find free items to improve it. Here are 7 places, online and off, to score free stuff.


Top 10 Gift Ideas for Home Workers

Great gift ideas for the telecommuters and home-based workers in your life.

Buying presents for work-at-homers is your chance to show the people you care about just how much you know them and understand the unique challenges they face by working from home.


5 Tips on Setting Prices During a Recession

How Low Should You Go? Read on and find out!

Amid economic uncertaintly, it can be tempting to lower your prices in order to increase sales. Here are 5 points to consider before lowering your prices.


Quizzes and Trivia:

Quiz: Coming in Second - Take a Guess at What Ranks Number Two

Wrack those brains, joggle those synapses, and see if you can guess these next-bests.

Our second quiz is dedicated to those names, places and things who missed it by a nose, a hair or a dangling chad, and came in second place.


Quiz: For the 2012 Election, Test Your Presidential Knowledge

In honor of this year’s presidential election, we’re dedicating this issue’s quiz to American presidents past. Can you vote for the correct commander-in-chief?

Know a lot about presidential history? See if you can name the correct president for each of these questions.


Quiz: Thanksgiving Facts and History

Can you talk turkey when it comes to your knowledge of our big November holiday?

Test your Thanksgiving IQ to see if you're king or queen of the dinner table.


Quiz: Well-Known April Fools Day Pranks

In honor of April Fool's Day, see if you can remember these well-known April Fools’ Day pranks.

Lots of companies and employers have participated in April Fool's Day pranks that gain national attention. Here are some of the most memorable. See if you can guess the prank!


Quiz: Great Female Inventors Throughout History

Do you know who the creative-thinking woman is behind each of these cool machines, toys and more? You go, gadget girls!

We devote this issue's quiz to history's creative and determined mothers of invention, those ladies who didn't wait for opportunity to come knocking on their doors and went out there, saw a need and filled it, often in male-dominated fields.


Tech and Social Media:

Spam Overload? Tips for Stopping Junk Email

How to keep spam out of your inbox, and maybe out of your email entirely.

If you work at home, chances are you can’t rely on a big IT department to keep spam out of your inbox. There are several ways to limit the spam that you receive, however, as well as software to isolate junk mail outside of your inbox.


Establishing Your Internet Image and Online Brand Presence

Taking charge of your personal online presence is crucial in today’s business world

It is crucial to create a personal online brand to prove your reliability and quality of work, as well as to create the necessary connections for marketing yourself and your business.


3 Ways to Back Up Your Computer Files

You know, and we know, that keeping updated copies of business records is essential. So why don’t you do it?

Most of us don’t back up every night, even though we know we should. Consider your costs in time, money, and heartache if parts of your files vanished: You depend on your list of customer contacts. Would you notice if the most recent additions to that list disappeared? What deductions would be missed at tax time if you couldn’t find your accounting spreadsheet? Or if the copy you did find was missing six weeks of data?
How long would it take you to rewrite a sales brochure?


Why Social Media Marketing Only Works When You're Nice

The explosion of social media makes kindness more imperative than ever in business.

Being nice online is not just a good idea, but will deliver future business your way by developing a community of happy customers.


How to Use Video to Market Your Small Business

Streaming video: Should you take the plunge? Businesses everywhere are discovering new and innovative ways to take their websites to greater levels of exposure and profitability. In an effort to take advantage of the latest technologies, many companies are adding video to their website content to capture the attention of their visitors …


4 Ways to Clean Out Your Email Inbox

Some pretty excellent tips for hauling the dead weight out of your inbox.

We're talkin’ trash today, and not the kind that shows up on the basketball court. We’re talking about the dead emails clogging up your inbox mojo. We all have them at some point, and the trick is to make sure they don’t get out of hand.


How to Use Twitter to Boost Your Business

If you want to build your business' visibility quickly, though, investing a little time in Twitter can move you forward.

Twitter's ease of use is a key factor in its popularity and one of the reasons it can be a valuable marketing tool. (It also doesn’t hurt that Twitter is free to use.) If you want to build your business' visibility quickly, though, investing a little time in Twitter can move you forward.


10 Tips for Creating Effective Webinars

Ten ways to make your online presentations interesting and memorable.

Once upon a time, seminar attendees were huddled in a large conference room with hundreds of similarly minded souls, present and accounted for, with nothing else on their agenda but listening to you. Webinar crowds, however, are very different. They’re scattered across the world, easily distracted by whatever else is going on in the room they’re in, and they can inconspicuously exit your presentation without fear of being rude. Tough crowd.


Work From Home Jobs:

How to Research Work From Home Jobs

Tips for companies who typically offer telecommute jobs and other flexible jobs.

Working from home is an amazing way to follow your career passions while gaining more independence and control over your work life (and in return, your personal life). But how do you get started?


Common Work-From-Home Scams and How to Report Them

If It Sounds Too Good to Be True…

Here are three of the classic work-at-home schemes, according to the Federal Trade Commission.


How to Make Money from Blogging

If you know a topic very well, you might consider making money by blogging about it.

There are moneymaking opportunities for bloggers, especially those able to cover very specific niches.


Working From Home: The Work Life of a Hilton Customer Service Agent

They don't need a room: Hilton customer service agents book travel from their homes.

About 18 months ago, Hilton executives decided to experiment with a telecommuting call center program in its Tampa office, says Russ Olivier, senior vice president, HRCC, where over a period of six months, the company hired 100 people to work from home. Since then, the program has grown and now about 800 HRCC employees conduct business from their homes.


5 Tips to Become a Part-Time Freelance Writer

How to launch your freelance writing career without quitting your day job.

Here are 5 easy tips on breaking into freelance writing – which you can do from home… or from your office, you naughty lunch-break surfer, you!


5 Bad Habits for Online Journalists and Bloggers

Sometimes it seems as if ethical journalism is going the way of the printed newspaper.

The advent of the internet and, with it, informal and immediate social media communication through blogging, micro-blogging and social networking sites seem to be creating a blurred image of what is ethical – and legal – for journalists to do online.


Work From Home Parents:

Tips for Juggling Work and Kids for Telecommuting Parents

There are ways to conduct business at home successfully without locking yourself in the bathroom.

 As a parent, working from home has its perks. Not only are the hours flexible, but, in the event of forgotten homework or unexpected sickness calls from the school nurse, you are able to be there for your children in ways that people who work at offices cannot.


5 Ways to Be a Great Work-at-Home Father

If you work from home, you have a real opportunity to be a much better father than Hollywood and Madison Avenue think you could ever be.

I ease the parenting pressure on my wife, who works a demanding full-time job from an office 30 minutes from home. She's a better mom for it, and our marriage is much stronger because it's a true partnership. Here are the steps I took to get the work-and-parenting thing down pat:


The Life of a Work-From-Home Freelancing Dad

Why one dad left the corporate world over 20 years ago to work from home and never looked back.

After less than two years in corporate America and the realization that I could do it better myself (I’m a quick study), I donned a new wardrobe and began working from home in 1989.


My Life as a Freelancing Telecommuter, 20 Years Later

The story of one man's pursuit of freedom through 20 years of freelancing from home.

It was 20 years ago this month that I discussed with my wife of one year, Robbie, our future. We decided – together – that maybe freelancing would set me free.


The Life of a Work-From-Home Freelancing Mom

It's not all glamour and bon bons!

Despite insane moments, I get to make a career out of my burning curiosities. I get to set challenges for myself no boss could ever divvy. I get to choose my life before my living.


9 Tips for Working at Home with Kids

Nine ways you can still get work done while the children are home this summer.

Okay, work-at-home people: Hold onto your stress squeeze balls, because everything’s about to change. Your quiet, little haven is about to be invaded by hordes of little people with loud, argumentative voices and seemingly insatiable appetites. Are you ready for the mayhem? You better be. Here are 9 expert tips to help you stay productive in your home office while your kids are home from school this summer.


Work-Life Balance:

4 Ways to Socialize When You Work Alone

Undo the deadbolt, turn the knob and let the socialization begin!

While in an office you’re surrounded by colleagues and managers just by happenstance, when you work at home you need to put a little extra effort into the socialization front.


17 Ways to Wake Up Fast and Ready to Start Your Day

When you work from home, it can be tricky to leave your warm, cozy bed for the home office. Here are 17 tricks to get you up and at 'em in the morning.

When the only thing drawing you out from under warm, cozy blankets is an empty house and a long to-do list, you’re much more inclined to hit the snooze for another 15 or 30 minutes or go back to bed after a quick trip to the bathroom. Never fear! What follows are 17 simple tips to help get you out of bed for good.


How to Get Through Your To-Do List like a Journalist

Tips from the newspaper biz on tackling your daily to-do list.

I solved this problem by adopting a sorting method I learned while working as a newspaper editor and designer. It's based on the ranking system we used for putting stories in the paper: Must, Should, Can-Hold and Likes.


4 Ways to Strike Work-Life Balance When Working From Home

Drawing the line and setting boundaries to ensure your success while working from home

Here’s the difference between working in an office and working from home. In an office, most people calling know you are working and treat you as such. At home, friends want to chat, family demands attention and telemarketers try to sell.


Celebrity Interviews:

Celebrity Interview: Actor Dean Cain - Superman, Super Guy

Cain is a multitasking dad who enjoys working on film projects with his family.

Cain also discussed his passion and devotion for the men and women serving in America’s armed forces, saying that had he not grown up with a producer father in a Hollywood town (Malibu), he probably would have enlisted in the military.


Celebrity Interview: Actor Michael Irby of CBS's 'The Unit'

Irby's credits include Line of Fire, Haunted, Flightplan and The Last Castle

Michael Irby spoke to WHY about how he got his role on The Unit, which enters its third season this fall, how he keeps it real and why he’s jumped out of a plane—twice.


Celebrity Interview: Radio Host and Author John Tesh

Nationally syndicated host John Tesh publishes his first hardcover book based on his popular radio show.

Tesh hosts the nationally syndicated radio program, “Intelligence for your Life,” which offers tips to a whopping 8 million-plus listeners on how to better their home, their work and their life. Sound familiar?


Celebrity Interview: Actor and Bed & Breakfast Small Business Owner Bart Johnson

For longtime actor Bart Johnson, a little movie called High School Musical became the start of something new.

Johnson, 37, lives in Los Angeles with his wife, actress Robyn Lively (the sister of Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively) and his 3 children, Baylen, Kate and Wyatt. In addition to acting, Johnson owns the Johnson Mill Bed & Breakfast in Midway, Utah, which Redbookmagazine recently named “one of the 4 most romantic inns in the country.”


Celebrity Interview: Actor-Director D.B. Sweeney of TV's 'Crash'

Actor D.B. Sweeney stars in the new drama series Crash and DVD release Two Tickets to Paradise, a film he also co-wrote and directed

Sweeney took time to speak with WHY about his latest projects, the Starz television series 'Crash' and his feature-film 'Two Tickets to Paradise' in which he writes, directs, and stars.