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How to Research Work From Home Jobs

Tips for companies who typically offer telecommute jobs and other flexible jobs.

So, you want to work from home. Telecommute. Telework. Work remotely. Work virtually. Work anywhere but a traditional office. We get it! Working from home is an amazing way to follow your career passions while gaining more independence and control over your work life (and in return, your personal life). But how do you get started?

One of the best ways to get started is to research companies who have a history of offering telecommuting  jobs. After all, once a company lets employees telecommute, they tend to continue the practice because they experience the benefits that telecommuting has for employers in terms of productivity and cost savings.

But how do you research companies? You can spend your days Googling companies you want to work for, trolling their career pages, and looking for any hint of telecommuting, or you can use a free resource from to find these companies all in one place.

The FlexJobs Guide to the Best Companies for Flexible Jobs is a free searchable database of over 15,000 companies who have offered flexible jobs in the past. The types of jobs offered by the companies found in the Guide to the Best Companies for Flexible Jobs include:

  • Telecommuting jobs
  • Flexible schedule Jobs
  • Part-time schedule jobs
  • Freelance jobs

The database is searchable by company name, by state, and by job category. And yes, it’s completely free. FlexJobs goes one step further and offers a membership for any job seekers who want to see the current jobs listed with these companies. And because the jobs and companies are all in one, easy-to-use website, they’re saving job seekers the time, energy, and stress of a typical job search.

So, check out the FlexJobs Guide to the Best Companies for Flexible Jobs today if you’re searching for a telecommuting, flexible schedule, part-time, or freelance job.

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