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Tips for Juggling Work and Kids for Telecommuting Parents

There are ways to conduct business at home successfully without locking yourself in the bathroom.

 As a parent, working from home has its perks. Not only are the hours flexible, but, in the event of forgotten homework or unexpected sickness calls from the school nurse, you are able to be there for your children in ways that people who work at offices cannot.


5 Ways to Be a Great Work-at-Home Father

If you work from home, you have a real opportunity to be a much better father than Hollywood and Madison Avenue think you could ever be.

I ease the parenting pressure on my wife, who works a demanding full-time job from an office 30 minutes from home. She's a better mom for it, and our marriage is much stronger because it's a true partnership. Here are the steps I took to get the work-and-parenting thing down pat:


The Life of a Work-From-Home Freelancing Dad

Why one dad left the corporate world over 20 years ago to work from home and never looked back.

After less than two years in corporate America and the realization that I could do it better myself (I’m a quick study), I donned a new wardrobe and began working from home in 1989.


My Life as a Freelancing Telecommuter, 20 Years Later

The story of one man's pursuit of freedom through 20 years of freelancing from home.

It was 20 years ago this month that I discussed with my wife of one year, Robbie, our future. We decided – together – that maybe freelancing would set me free.


The Life of a Work-From-Home Freelancing Mom

It's not all glamour and bon bons!

Despite insane moments, I get to make a career out of my burning curiosities. I get to set challenges for myself no boss could ever divvy. I get to choose my life before my living.


9 Tips for Working at Home with Kids

Nine ways you can still get work done while the children are home this summer.

Okay, work-at-home people: Hold onto your stress squeeze balls, because everything’s about to change. Your quiet, little haven is about to be invaded by hordes of little people with loud, argumentative voices and seemingly insatiable appetites. Are you ready for the mayhem? You better be. Here are 9 expert tips to help you stay productive in your home office while your kids are home from school this summer.