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Why Your Home Office Should Be a Mobile Office

Consider a used laptop as a work-only computer dedicated to your livelihood.

Alternatives to the family's shared computer can make you a truly productive home-based worker.


How to Organize Your Home Library

Tips for creating an organized, easy-to-access home library for your home office.

When your home also is your workspace, books become a necessity in a new way.  The key to bookshelf organization is to have everything easily accessible.


6 Great Sofas for Your Home Office

Behind—and beneath—every successful man and woman is a hardworking sofa

Here, a compilation of some sofas that will accommodate not only your derriere, but your notebooks, laptops, imaginations and musings. These sofas work for all the ways you like to work—sit slouch, lie on your side, squat…whatever.


Choosing Effective Lighting for Your Home Office

Tips on effectively lighting up your work-at-home life.

Nowadays, tasks are no longer confined to our desks and are performed throughout the home—at the kitchen counter while you’re waiting for your French toast sticks to pop up or in bed if you’ve got some last-minute reading to do. Here are some ways you can add task lighting to an otherwise non-task-related space.


8 Questions to Ask when Painting Your Home Office

Different folks may have different strokes, but there are a few basics everyone needs to know.

Although anyone can pry the lid from the can, there are some things you ought to know before you attempt to paint your home office.


Shedworking: Home Offices in Backyard Sheds Offer Focus, Space

There’s a shedworker in all of us, waiting to get out. What are the advantages of shedworking over “normal” homeworking?

Over the last decade we have seen the miniaturisation of the office workplace, and a small shed, which once only housed lawnmowers and pots, can now be insulated from the cold, fitted with its own electrics, and can link you to anywhere in the world.


25 Home Office Essentials

The Must-Haves, Should-Haves and Would-Be-Nice-to-Haves you need to work more efficiently

Whatever your home-office set-up, there are gadgets, accessories and architecture that help make your work lives easier. The following 25 essentials, listed in no particular order, come from WHY staffers, experts in the field and other friends of WHY and are just a few of the things out there that can help you conduct business more efficiently.


Tips for Organizing Home Office Paperwork

Paper, paper and more paper. When you work from home you can feel buried in paper! How do you keep on top of it?

If you’re not sure what outcome you are looking for, organizing paper can seem daunting. What “organized” actually looks like depends on your work style, personality and the space you have available for your home office. 


Tips for Buying a Great Home Office Chair

A good office chair is just as important to your business as keeping up with techno-innovations.

Here are some things to consider when choosing the best seat in your house: your home office chair.


10 Easy Ways to Green Your Home Office

Here are small changes you can make to your home office and the way you handle business that can have big impacts.

It often seems that environmentally friendly office options just aren’t available for home offices: many of the solutions that work in big corporations, such as adding solar panels to the roof of your parking structure, as Google has done, are out of reach financially or don’t scale to a smaller office. But there are affordable options that fit a home office perfectly – some can even save a small business money in the long run.


How to Choose Home Office Furniture

What to look for when designing your work-from-home office.

Home offices come in all shapes and sizes - they're as individual as those working in them. Home offices also have flexibility no cubicle can match. What kind of home office furniture is right for you?