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Why and How To Work Alternative Hours

Working 9 to 5, 5 to 9, and everything in between.

It is an ongoing challenge to balance your business’ tasks with personal and family activities, but it can be done, without exhausting yourself and feeling guilty that you are neglecting your family.


Online Teaching Jobs: How to Get Started

Turn your expertise into a profitable part-time or even-full time income by teaching online.

Online education is booming. Here's a guide to getting started as an online teacher.


Success Story: Ron Dinehart, Founder of the universe knows

Some dream about throwing away their well-paying, but unsatisfying careers in order to do something meaningful, and some actually do it.

In 2005, Dinehart, a divorced father of two, left a lucrative job as an engineer at Symbol Technologies in Holtsville, N.Y., to devote his energies full-time to a line of clothing that he had developed initially as a work-at-home business and had been selling on the side at local street fairs and gift shows.


How to Use Online Forums for Your Business

Online forums attract business people, just like you, looking for answers or connections in your chosen field.

Once you’ve found the forum of your business dreams, keep the following dos and don’ts in mind.


Ideas for At-Home Direct Sales Jobs: Party It Up

In-home sales parties mix business with pleasure.

There are plenty of consulting opportunities out there for those looking to “party” their way to the top. Here are a few ideas, and a quiz to see if at-home selling is right for you.


Success Story: Brian Kirk, Founder of

How one man turned an Oscar night idea into a cool career.

Receiving a million hits every week or about 100,000 unique users per month, quite a feat for any website, FilmWise caught the attention of the media and became a pop-culture phenomenon for its fun weekly contests, such as Kirk’s famous “Invisibles” quizzes, where viewers get to guess the people inside the costumes of their favorite movies scenes.


How to Cut Marketing Costs for Your Business

Operating on a shoestring - cutting costs and marketing your business successful during economic uncertainty.

Businesses are cutting costs across the board but marketing efforts shouldn’t suffer. Now is a great time to do more marketing.


Success Story: Home Remedies of NY Pairs Contractors and Homeowners

If you are a homeowner and your house is invaded by insects, or you need a reliable remodeling contractor, you may wonder, “Who am I gonna call?”

Debra's Cohen’s Homeowner Referral Network (HRN) is an organized network of pre-screened contractors representing almost every field of home improvement, maintenance and design.


Success Story: Newly-Wed Starts Bridal Accessory Business

How a bride turned a love of handmade jewelry into a trailblazing bridal business.

A lover of the arts and of jewelry design, Smotherman eagerly set out to buy bridal jewelry, but soon realized that there were few accessories available that offered the type of classic, couture style she wanted – pieces that were not only wearable, but affordable. So, instead, she decided to design her own jewelry for her big day.


How to Insure Your Home-Based Business

Make sure your business isn't one of the 60% of home-based businesses that are under-insured.

Knowing that your homeowner’s policy won’t cover your home business adequately, here’s a look at the other options available


Success Story: Husband and Wife Home-Based Business

A California couple turns $15 and a trip to Home Depot into a multimillion-dollar dance pole business.

The inspiration for Lil' Mynx originated in January of 2002, when Randy Blacker was living in Silicon Valley and yearning to start a business of his own.


10 Ways to Revitalize Your Business in 2012

2012 can be a very good year for your home-based business, if you start out with the right steps.

With the volatile economy home businesses currently are facing – where smaller budgets have to bring in even more money – the usual business tactics just aren’t going to pump up your bottom line to the levels you want. So here are WHY’s 10 ways to revitalize your business in the new year.


7 Cheap and Effective Marketing Techniques for Website Traffic

How do you get prospective customers to find your website among the millions of others without spending a fortune?

Providing your website visitors with frequent, updated content; easy ordering; delivery of quality items; and optimum customer service will encourage their faithful patronage and word-of-mouth referrals – one of the cheapest and best ways for your business’ ongoing web promotion and success.


18 Tax Deductions for Small Businesses

Have you taken advantage of all your small business deductions? Here are 18 to consider.

Many business owners who work from home overlook tax deductions because they fear the dreaded audit but simply taking earned deductions isn’t going to raise red flags with the Internal Revenue Service. Here are 18 tax deductions to consider for your small business.


5 Tips on Soliciting Business Without Looking Desperate

When you urgently need a sale as an entrepreneur, your desperation can show through. Here's how to look calm, cool, and hire-able.

Times are tough, no doubt. Still, many of your tweeps on Twitter are bemoaning how busy they are, and all you can think about is how short your client list looks these days. Are they doing something you’re not?


Success Story: Resources for Moms

Mom-owned-and-run website expands into 20 markets throughout the U.S. is a Salt Lake City-based online media and publishing company providing local and national resources to moms that was founded in 2004 by young mamas Rachael Herrscher and Stephanie Peterson.


10 Things to Know About Snagging Potential Customers

The characteristics you can and should know about potential customers to win their business.

What about those elusive customers – those who browse, who ask questions and request materials, but, up until this point, haven’t bought or cinched a deal? How are you fighting for them? Do you know anything about them? There are some general characteristics you can and should know about potential customers. Here are 10 of them.


Success Story: Professional Book Reviewer

How an avid reader turned her passion into a successful work-from-home business.

Terri Schlichenmeyer is one of those admirable home entrepreneurs who found a way to make a successful career out of a passion.