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Celebrity Interview: Actor Dean Cain - Superman, Super Guy

Cain is a multitasking dad who enjoys working on film projects with his family.

Cain also discussed his passion and devotion for the men and women serving in America’s armed forces, saying that had he not grown up with a producer father in a Hollywood town (Malibu), he probably would have enlisted in the military.


Celebrity Interview: Actor Michael Irby of CBS's 'The Unit'

Irby's credits include Line of Fire, Haunted, Flightplan and The Last Castle

Michael Irby spoke to WHY about how he got his role on The Unit, which enters its third season this fall, how he keeps it real and why he’s jumped out of a plane—twice.


Celebrity Interview: Radio Host and Author John Tesh

Nationally syndicated host John Tesh publishes his first hardcover book based on his popular radio show.

Tesh hosts the nationally syndicated radio program, “Intelligence for your Life,” which offers tips to a whopping 8 million-plus listeners on how to better their home, their work and their life. Sound familiar?


Celebrity Interview: Actor and Bed & Breakfast Small Business Owner Bart Johnson

For longtime actor Bart Johnson, a little movie called High School Musical became the start of something new.

Johnson, 37, lives in Los Angeles with his wife, actress Robyn Lively (the sister of Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively) and his 3 children, Baylen, Kate and Wyatt. In addition to acting, Johnson owns the Johnson Mill Bed & Breakfast in Midway, Utah, which Redbookmagazine recently named “one of the 4 most romantic inns in the country.”


Celebrity Interview: Actor-Director D.B. Sweeney of TV's 'Crash'

Actor D.B. Sweeney stars in the new drama series Crash and DVD release Two Tickets to Paradise, a film he also co-wrote and directed

Sweeney took time to speak with WHY about his latest projects, the Starz television series 'Crash' and his feature-film 'Two Tickets to Paradise' in which he writes, directs, and stars.