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Work at Home? How to Handle Your Neighbors

10 tips for reminding neighbors that you’re a working stiff too.

How do you reclaim your work hours without seeming unfriendly? The key is making your neighbors realize that, although you can say yes sometimes, most of the time you have to say no—not because you don’t want to help, but because, just like them, you work.


8 Public Speaking Tips for People Who Work From Home

How to become a great public speaker when you spend all day in silence.

Whether you’ve been asked to address a trade group about your work, start up a continuing education class or give the best man speech at your brother’s wedding, you can brush up on your public speaking skills at home, by yourself, when nobody’s looking.


8 Ways to Boost Your Energy When Working from Home

Need an energy boost? There’s one in virtually every room of your house.

Where can you find an energy boost in your home when that dull feeling comes over you, but the work day isn’t over? What follows is a room-by-room glance.


How Telecommuters Can Stay Connected to the Office

Can telecommuters stay in the office loop without annoying everyone?

Let’s face it. The office is where many people form friendships, schedule after-hours and weekend get-togethers and engage in casual conversations from which inside jokes spring. Work has more of an impact on personal lives than many people think. Most telecommuters realize that almost immediately.


8 Interesting Facts about People who Working from Home

Men and women are just as likely to be work-from-home professionals, and 7 other fascinating facts. 1) About one-third of people who usually worked at home in May 2004 were self-employed. Of the 7 million self-employed people who worked at home, two-thirds had a home-based business--that is, a business run from their home and no other location. 2) Nearly half of self-employed persons …


Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Working From Home

We’re here to remind you, David Letterman-style, why you’ve made the switch from corporate cube to home turf.

Freedom reigns. Okay, there are deadlines and client calls, but you’ll never get a lecture about pecking out a project in boxers, showing up at 9:05 or coming back from a “sick” day shockingly tan. For once, it’s all about you doing a great job your way.


Tips for Minimizing Distraction and Increasing Productivity When Working from Home

The trick to minimizing distractions is to eliminate the noises you can control, and mask the rest with something you would prefer to listen to.

While loud machinery, such as jackhammers, may lead to more serious health problems resulting in noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) or tinnitus (a ringing of the ears), more often work environment noises serve as distractions, which significantly can lower productivity levels.


Tips on Working from Home When You Have Pets

Dog eat your homework? Here's how to keep the fur from flying when your coworkers are animals.

Working at home presents all kinds of challenges: Do you call or email your boss/client? Do you get up and shower or work all day in your pajamas? Do you feel guilty when you go to Target at 10:00 a.m. and not in search of office supplies? But, for me, the greatest challenge is working around animals.


25 Ways You Can Work Green when Working from Home

The little things work-at-homers can do to make a big difference in our planet’s future and in our own.

As greenhouse gases in the atmosphere increase, more of the sun’s energy is trapped, and in as little as 50 years, this could cause water shortages, famine, species extinctions and rising sea levels. But the good news is that it isn’t too late. One person can still make a difference, and there are some simple things that we work-at-homers can do to help stem the current environmental and climate crisis.


Telecommuters: How to Connect with Your Company for Career Advancement

10 pointers on how telecommuters can stay on executives' radar and rise through the ranks of their companies.

It seems as if every day we read about more and more companies that are realizing the value of utilizing an at-home work force. But with so many telecommuters working their way onto the business landscape – sometimes thousands of them working for a single company, spread across the country or the world – at-home employees often worry if their contributions are going unnoticed.