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Spam Overload? Tips for Stopping Junk Email

How to keep spam out of your inbox, and maybe out of your email entirely.

If you work at home, chances are you can’t rely on a big IT department to keep spam out of your inbox. There are several ways to limit the spam that you receive, however, as well as software to isolate junk mail outside of your inbox.


Establishing Your Internet Image and Online Brand Presence

Taking charge of your personal online presence is crucial in today’s business world

It is crucial to create a personal online brand to prove your reliability and quality of work, as well as to create the necessary connections for marketing yourself and your business.


3 Ways to Back Up Your Computer Files

You know, and we know, that keeping updated copies of business records is essential. So why don’t you do it?

Most of us don’t back up every night, even though we know we should. Consider your costs in time, money, and heartache if parts of your files vanished: You depend on your list of customer contacts. Would you notice if the most recent additions to that list disappeared? What deductions would be missed at tax time if you couldn’t find your accounting spreadsheet? Or if the copy you did find was missing six weeks of data?
How long would it take you to rewrite a sales brochure?


Why Social Media Marketing Only Works When You're Nice

The explosion of social media makes kindness more imperative than ever in business.

Being nice online is not just a good idea, but will deliver future business your way by developing a community of happy customers.


How to Use Video to Market Your Small Business

Streaming video: Should you take the plunge? Businesses everywhere are discovering new and innovative ways to take their websites to greater levels of exposure and profitability. In an effort to take advantage of the latest technologies, many companies are adding video to their website content to capture the attention of their visitors …


4 Ways to Clean Out Your Email Inbox

Some pretty excellent tips for hauling the dead weight out of your inbox.

We're talkin’ trash today, and not the kind that shows up on the basketball court. We’re talking about the dead emails clogging up your inbox mojo. We all have them at some point, and the trick is to make sure they don’t get out of hand.


How to Use Twitter to Boost Your Business

If you want to build your business' visibility quickly, though, investing a little time in Twitter can move you forward.

Twitter's ease of use is a key factor in its popularity and one of the reasons it can be a valuable marketing tool. (It also doesn’t hurt that Twitter is free to use.) If you want to build your business' visibility quickly, though, investing a little time in Twitter can move you forward.


10 Tips for Creating Effective Webinars

Ten ways to make your online presentations interesting and memorable.

Once upon a time, seminar attendees were huddled in a large conference room with hundreds of similarly minded souls, present and accounted for, with nothing else on their agenda but listening to you. Webinar crowds, however, are very different. They’re scattered across the world, easily distracted by whatever else is going on in the room they’re in, and they can inconspicuously exit your presentation without fear of being rude. Tough crowd.