About Us

Once upon a time, work was at work and home was at home. But the compartmental barriers of life have been shattered for many of us, binding together work and home in ways never before seen. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 20.7 million people work at home at least one day a week.

Of course, the idea of working at home, to the uninitiated, conjures up lofty visions of snooze buttons, bathrobes and bunny slippers, but the reality is far more chaotic. Sure, uninterrupted conference calls and mealtimes are something to strive for, but more often than not we’re scheduling meetings while stirring spaghetti, running to our computers while giving our children baths or fielding calls from the local mechanic while getting an oil change.

Still, we work-at-homers think we can have it all and try and do it from our homes — manage a career, find time for love, make time for children, engage in hobbies, and even find time to cook, clean, and take care of our bodies, all in a 24-hour day. And it is for these people that WHY magazine was born.

WHY is dedicated to work-at-homers of all types: entrepreneurs with at-home businesses; telecommuters, both full- and part-time; those who bring work home from the office either occasionally or every day, and everyone in between. Offered in a bi-monthly format, WHY gives you the tools and information you need to keenly manage all the intermingling elements of your life. Founded by work-at-homers who understand the stresses of trying juggle work, home and personal demands, this essential magazine not only offers solutions and tools to make working at home more efficient, but features articles, interviews and practical information on home-related and wellness topics that influence your work-at-home life.


Read profiles of people, just like you, who had a dream, took a chance and created thriving work-at-home businesses. Learn about those who have made working from a satellite home office a winning proposition for both company and worker, and those who bring work home and actually manage to do it.


Let’s face it: You’re working from home, and as frenzied as it is, there are lots of perks that go with it — like getting the laundry done or running to the bank during traditional business hours. Here, you’ll learn ways to make your home more amenable to working, while keeping it as it should be — a comfortable haven for you and your family. In this section, you’ll also learn things like the best recipes for work-at-homers or how to organize your bookshelves for both form and function.


Ah, and what about you? You know what they say about all work and no play… Just because you’re working from home, doesn’t mean your life should be filled only with FedEx and futons. This is the place for wellness, fashion, automobiles, movies and music, fitness and more to keep your life balanced, as it should be.

WHY is the only publication to pull it all together for you: Work. Home. You. That’s what we’re all about, because that’s what you’re all about.