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How to Research Work From Home Jobs

Tips for companies who typically offer telecommute jobs and other flexible jobs.

4 Ways to Socialize When You Work Alone

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Welcome to WHY: Work. Home. You.

WHY is the only publication to pull it all together for you: Work. Home. You. That’s what we’re all about, because that’s what you’re all about.

We work-at-homers think we can have it all and do it from our homes — manage a career, make time for love, make time for children, engage in hobbies and even find time to cook, clean and take care of our bodies, all in a 24-hour day. And it is for these people that WHY was born.

 Working from home seems like it's on the fringes of the modern workforce - you might be a telecommuter yourself, or know someone who teleworks, but it's not happening in large numbers, right? Well, we're happy to say, wrong! Here are some fascinating statistics on the huge numbers of people who work from home: 25-30 million people work from home. Of those....

  • 15-20 million work from home part-time

  • 10-15 million own home-based businesses

  • 3 million work from home full-time
    source: Telework Research Network

So really, teleworkers are a large and growing portion of the workforce. We're glad to count ourselves among that group, and hope to inspire, inform, and engage all the teleworkers out there!  

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